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MicroEJ® Embedded Device edition provides cross-platform development solutions to prototype, develop and deploy software applications across a wide range of embedded systems powered by microcontrollers, microprocessors and mobile technologies.

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A hardware-agnostic Java platform: high performance and ultra low latency

MicroEJ® Embedded Device edition is a development platform including MicroJvm®, a highly reliable Java Virtual Machine, and standard libraries to host Java applications on many types of devices based on embedded systems. MicroEJ Embedded Device edition provides exceptional performance and thus is particularly suitable for cost-effective electronic products or devices with limited resources. Compared to PC-like solutions, its footprint is reduced by 100 down to 50KB.

In addition to its high performance, MicroEJ interface enables to run Java on every kind of chips and so to capitalize across hardware thanks to its capability of hardware virtualization. Fast and compact embedded applications can then be quickly and easily designed without waiting for target hardware.


  • High speed execution
  • Low memory footprint
  • PC based simulation of target software
  • Debugging and test coverage analysis
  • RTOS won’t impact application development
  • Custom RTOS also supported
  • Check technical specifications for more information.

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MicroEJ Embedded Device edition is supported by a large range of hardware. Check technical specifications for more information.

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Standard tools
  • Deployment on targets using standard programming tools
  • Easy interface with C code

A unique prototyping and simulation technology

embedded device

The Drag Emb' Drop™ concept is the easiest way to deploy a prototyped application on hardware. Awarded in 2010 by the Embedded European Leaders, it is a unique simulation technology that provides developers with a Java platform for both host and targeted platforms. It enables to simulate the embedded target environment so that the application can run exactly the same on both actual and simulated embedded systems. The application can be rapidly tested and safely dropped on the embedded target hardware once validated. These innovative technologies accelerate the product development cycle:

  • Earlier prototyping to validate specifications
  • Embedded application design done independently from hardware development
  • Fast-time debugging thanks to the simulation tool

Mixing Java and C code seamlessly

MixingCandJavaLike any language, Java provides a way to express concepts. These means of expression are significantly easier and more flexible than other alternatives to solve complex problems.

The Java technology deals with a wide range of design concepts: interface versus implementation, abstraction and encapsulation, messages and functions, inheritance and composition, object creation and automatic cleaning with garbage collector, etc.

Java easily connects with other languages like C++, C, ASM, and many more, allowing smart code management and smooth transitions. A standardized library called SNI® allows to interface Java and C code by providing calls and data sharing. The SNI® library focuses on simplicity, performance, and memory footprints.

Optional extensions

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